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Bitcoin links

In the first place, read the 9-pages-short whitepaper from bitcoin.org or use mirror1, mirror2 (https://bitcoin.anyone.eu.org). Or you can also listen to it. Related great article is Satoshi’s White Paper - the Hard Part Explained by Tomer. Here, have a look at some links: Bitcoin Exact Forecast Bitcoiner.Guide, QnA Bitcoin Canon - Swan Bitcoin-Resources Bitcoin-Only.com Bitcoin Magazine C-SPAN (search for ‘bitcoin’ there) Edward Felten (Princeton University, Feb 2014) Future Digital Currency Panel (Atlantic Council, Apr 2014) Naomi Brockwell (Billy’s Bitcoin, Jul 2018) short movie web site Jim Harper (Cryptocurrency & The Future of Money, Aug 2019) Jordan B. Read more →

Multisig Meeting Summary

This is a sequel to Testnet Meeting Summary. First you downloaded and ran Tor. Then you ran Electrum Bitcoin Wallet and in its tray icon you clicked on Network configuration. In the Proxy tab you turned on the option Use Tor proxy at port 9050. Then you created a new 2of2 multi-sig Segwit wallet, wrote down the seed, copied your Master Public Key, sent it to me and pasted my public key as a cosigner key. Read more →

Ethereum scam

An article about Bitcoin lead me to realize the size of Ethereum pre-mine: $ sh bitquery.io.sh curl is /usr/bin/curl jq is /usr/bin/jq Timestamp: 1634454372 total=122652324.73919818 premine=72009990.49947998 premine/total = 58.71000% Timestamp 1634454372 stands for: $ date -ud "@1634454372" Sun Oct 17 07:06:12 UTC 2021 So even today more than 50% of all ETH that exists was pre-mined out of thin air. Related links https://bitquery.io/blog/get-ethereum-total-supply#Total_pre-mined_Eth bitquery.io.sh script https://vertmeesterrudi.medium.com/why-ethereum-is-a-scam-and-bitcoin-will-succeed-83e06856501f https://etherscan. Read more →

Testnet Meeting Summary

You saw how to install the Electrum Bitcoin Wallet: Go to electrum.org. Navigate to Download section. Download the right file for your system (MacOS). Install downloaded Electrum to Applications. Open the Terminal by pressing Command + SPACEBAR, terminal, ENTER. Then you saw how to run it in Testnet mode from the terminal: cd /Applications cd Electrum.app cd Contents cd MacOS ./run_electrum --testnet After that you were pressing Next (using the default settings) for most of the questions and when it came to generating your seed (twelve English words which is a human-readable way to write a very big random number) you copied it so that you could see them when you need to write them in the same order in the next step of the wizard. Read more →

Macbook Startup Sound

Disclosure: MacBook Pro helped me in the computer world since December 2012. I bought it myself around San Francisco and loved its ANSI keyboard (because it is very good to touchtype DVORAK on it). This year I bought a used MacBook Air from its first owner, again a model bought originally in the U.S. This one is Linux-only since the beginning and it works reliably well. Here is what I found at the Arch Linux wiki regarding how to mute the startup chime and it worked. Read more →