Making machines sweat.

Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies

Let me share with you my view of cryptocurrencies and some publicly accessible data that may help you chose if and what crypto currency to invest into. Bitcoin is obviously the first thing. Read about it. Mainly the Bitcoin Paper and Michael Nielsen’s article. In case you noticed information about LBC (Large Bitcoin Collider), read following article. For any information about Bitcoin, make sure you read either bitcoin.org or bitcoin.it. It will be explained below. Read more →

Recovering data from Android phone with a broken screen

Here are my quick notes in order to share and remember. There was an XiaoMi 4 phone with a broken screen and data on it. First prepare a cable to connect the phone with the computer. Then download the right recovery image for the phone and boot it by switching the phone into fastboot mode (hold volume-down button while turning on) using fastboot boot recovery.img. Then use adb to connect to the shell. Read more →

POSIX shell-only dirname replacement

For many years I have been using a snippet that worked well for all purposes I tried: a="/$0"; a=${a%/*}; a=${a#/}; a=${a:-.}; BINDIR=$(cd "$a"; pwd) But today I realized it does not play well with /, i.e. if the script is placed in /script.sh, the BINDIR will contain current directory (whatever it is) instead of /. TL;DR; the answer is a="/$0"; a=${a%/*}; a=${a:-.}; a=${a#/}/; BINDIR=$(cd "$a"; pwd) Tested with busybox sh (1. Read more →

Busybox Init on Arch Linux

This is hard to believe. Arch Linux works well for me. For many years now (at least since 2007). But since 2012 I was very sad about systemd. But I did not really do anything about it. Until now. pacman -S busybox wget https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/snapshot/minirc-git.tar.gz tar xf minirc-git.tar.gz cd minirc-git makepkg -si ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/network/99-default.link systemctl reboot It is hard to believe it was so easy. Still using the systemd udev. Read more →

Mini Computers

There are many mini-computers on the market. I will name just a few here: Raspberry Pi OrangePi Pine64 JaguarBoard BananaPi Little Panda CHIP Computer Adapteva Parallella There are some related links I want to mention as well: Zigbee openHAB Read more →